This website provides public information about the AquaMMS project - "Development of a portable miniature mass spectrometer to monitor important, but technically difficult parameters in aquaculture". AquaMMS is funded by 'Research for the benefit of SMEs' within the EU 7th Framework Programme. The development work is initiated by Q-Technologies from UK, and Teknologisk Institutt from Norway function as coordinator. Official start date of the project was 1 October 2013, project duration is 24 months.

Project Description

About AquaMMS

Increasing seafood production through intensification in aquaculture recirculating systems (RAS) has inherent risks additional to those that are already well understood by the aquaculture sector such as pH decline, rising carbon dioxide concentrations, phosphate and nitrate levels. By reducing the volume of new water replacement, the farmer can reduce the cost of water pumping and temperature control, whereas reduced daily water replacement may lead to accumulating levels of pollutants unless they are specifically monitored and removed before the fish welfare is affected. In the event of a sudden deterioration in water quality, farm managers have very limited time to react to safeguard stock. At the opposite end of the technology spectrum, pond farmers are unlikely to be able to detect the accumulation of certain pollutants that can impact product quality and render it unfit for consumption. Therefore, it has becoming increasingly clear that unexpected water quality problems can develop as a result of using RAS technology.

AquaMMS will involve eight partners; three RTDs and five SMEs from four different countries. The project is divided into eight work packages and will run over the course of two years from start-up in October 2013. The project is EU FP7 funded under the grant agreement no. 606496.

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Meetings & Events

Final Management Board Meeting

The Final AquaMMS Management Board meeting was hosted by University of Liverpool and took place at the UoL campus Liverpool, UK, 20 October 2015. Meeting activities included the presentations of project achievements in addition to management and administrative issues related to the final project reporting. The prototype AquaMMS was demonstrated to the industrial partners and the potential of the instrument discussed. This meeting functioned as the closure of the project.

Project 18M Management Board Meeting

The AquaMMS 18 month Management Board meeting was hosted by Anglesey Aquaculture and took place at the Bulkeley Hotel in Beaumaris, North Wales, UK, 10-11 March 2015. In addition to updates on the development work, discussion on progress, management and administrative issues a tour of the Anglesey Aquaculture land based facilities for production of sea bass was provided. Issues about recirculation systems and monitoring of water quality was discussed in relation to the development of the AquaMMS system. The integrated MMS and data harvesting & GUI system was demonstrated to the consortium.

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